Basically there are two methods of laminating when working with fibreglass, carbon fibre and kevlar – hand laminating and vacuum bagging. 

Hand laminating is the process of applying resins to the fabric and working it by hand…. While quite sufficient for some projects, hand-laminating is not suitable for others because it allows too much variation in cloth-to-resin ratios and compromises strength, weight and finish. 

Vacuum bagging involves laying up the fabric and epoxy, applying a breather cloth & release film and then sealing it within a plastic film or bag and using a vacuum to extract the air within the plastic to apply pressure. The uniform pressure created by this process controls the amount of the epoxy remaining and its evenness throughout the fabric, ensuring an even finish and high strength with minimum weight. Vacuum bagging is ideal for creating high-end products such as aeronautical parts. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with our vacuum bagging experts.

AVC Composites uses a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which legally binds us to custodial secrecy. When we design, model, prototype, engineer or manufacture your composite structure or project, we must respect your intellectual property and ensure its safeguarding.

Part 145 is a set of CASA regulations outlining the minimum safety outcomes for the maintenance of aircraft and aeronautical products and which is recognised internationally by NAA’s who are signatories to the ICAO.

They are usually similar & compatible with the FAA or EASA standards.

AVC is an Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to provide maintenance services under the CASR Part 145 regulatory framework.

AVC also has an approved Workshop capability focusing on (but not limited to) composite materials.

Yes – With the average age of the aircraft fleet increasing, there is an increasingly large number of composite components which are continually becoming harder to obtain. Here at AVC, either with our FITCOM Capability or in collaboration with our partners, we are continuously increasing our range of approved fabricated replacement components.

 We have the expertise, equipment and experience to work with you to provide a turnkey approved replacement item to solve your supply issue.

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